Interesting Features of Credit Cards Rarely You Know

Did you know? The function of credit cards is not just a payment tool. There are many other interesting services and features that can benefit you as a user.

The attractiveness of credit cards is really based on the features they contain. Starting at a discount, cashback, and other features may be unknown. What is it? Check out TimiKimi’s reviews below.

This feature is a feature provided to users when the credit card application is approved by the issuing bank. The bonuses given will vary from bank to bank.

Getting this bonus welcome is easy

Getting this bonus welcome is easy

You will be automatically rewarded if your credit card application is approved by your bank.

The next attractive feature is cashback. This feature is usually a deduction or return of a certain nominal amount after the user makes the transaction. This can be in the form of a direct deduction that reduces the value of the transaction or reduces the credit in the next month.

As with the welcome bonus, this one feature will also provide different facilities to each issuing bank. For example, AstraWorld Gems Card Gold will give you a cashback of 10% or up to $ 100 for every gasoline purchase across the gas station. Another example is the Gems Shopping Card Classic will give you 10% cashback on every transaction at supermarkets and restaurants.

Point Reward

Point Reward

Point reward is a feature where users can earn points for every transaction made using a credit card. As with other features, each bank also has a different policy regarding this point-collecting policy. Points collected can be redeemed for pre-determined gifts, such as shopping vouchers and mileage exchange.

MasterCard Platinum will provide 1 point for every transaction made for $ 1,000. Whereas the Reward Card Visa Gold will give you 1 point for every transaction made up to $ 2,000.


If you love traveling or a food lover, then this one feature will be great for you. With a credit card, you can enjoy the many discount programs at merchants that work with an issuing bank. For example, the Mega Gold Card will charge up to 35% of the transaction amount at Baskin Robbins with a minimum transaction of $ 75. While Hypermart Card Gold standalone will offer special discounts on baby products at Hypermart as well as up to 15% off all types of products.

The next profitable feature is airmiles.

The next profitable feature is airmiles.

This feature is a travel facility derived from the collection of water points . Points collected can also be exchanged for other benefits such as free travel tickets, free lounges at the airport and purchase of certain products on board.

Each bank will provide different forms of benefit. OCBC NISP Titanium will provide 1 airmiles from GFF, KrisFlyer or Big Points for every 1 reward point earned. The HSBC Visa Signature Card will provide 1 airmiles from GFF, KrisFlyer or AsiaMiles for each transaction costing USD 5,312.

Free Airport Lounge

If you travel frequently by airplane, then this one feature will definitely be useful to you. You can wait for the departure time to relax in the lounge and enjoy the free meal provided.

There are usually banks that provide this facility only to major cardholders. However, there are also banks that facilitate this feature for 2 or more people. For example, Standard Chartered Visa Business Card Gold will provide a free service to major cardholders. Whereas the Garuda Indonesia Citi Card will provide free facilities for the main card holder and one companion.

Free Membership

The last favorable feature provided to credit card users is free membership. This feature is an extension of credit cards commonly found on affiliate credit cards such as a co-branding card or affinity card. Some types of premium credit cards will facilitate free membership for a wide range of activities such as automotive to golf.

Each bank also has its own policy for this one feature. The Danamon Manchester United Card will prioritize its users attending every event and watch the Manchester United match held by Danamon across Indonesia. CIMB Infinite Visa Business will provide free membership for its users at Saphire Lounge for 1 year.

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