Credit Cards Must Be Secure from Crime in This Way


This crime can befall anyone indiscriminately. No exception for you who is a credit card user.

As you have heard the news, users of financial services, including users, are very vulnerable to being caught in the crime mode. Once entered into a trap, the loss borne by victims of crime is not a big responsibility.

The most recent crime mode is skimming mode which aims to steal information. From the information obtained, the perpetrators of the crime of breaking into cards.

Horrified indeed if you imagine these adverse events that happened to us. Now, so that these bad things stay away from you, there are several ways you can do to secure a credit card as quoted.


1. Change your PIN periodically

1. Change your PIN periodically

Be careful when entering your PIN.

Personal Identification Number, aka PIN, functions as a security transaction on a credit or debit card. Although only the user knows, that does not mean the presence of a PIN is enough to provide security in transactions using cards.

For this reason, card users are strongly advised to periodically change their card PINs. This PIN replacement is intended to avoid the crime that utilizes the card user inadvertently so that the PIN code is caught by the perpetrator.

Ideally, a PIN replacement is done once a month. You can do the replacement at least once every three months.

2. There are suspicious links, don’t click directly

2. There are suspicious links, don

Mobile banking

E-mail or e-mail is now a suggestion for banking crime . From incoming e-mails, criminals insert a link in the hope that the person who receives the email will be clicked.

The use of these suspicious links is part of a scamming crime . When you click the dangerous link, you will be directed to submit a number of important information. The goal is clear so you can break into your credit card.

So once there is an email that isn’t clear at all and seems suspicious, it’s better not to open it. If it is opened, avoid clicking on the link directly in it.

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3. Never save passwords or passwords online

3. Never save passwords or passwords online

Use a credit card if there is an attractive offer. (Pexels)

Usually after logging in and making transactions, the browser will ask for your permission to save the password . Indeed, by storing passwords , you will be easier to access your account later to make transactions.

Unfortunately, storing passwords online actually makes you vulnerable to crime. Therefore, it is recommended that once finished shopping online, exit your account and never save your password.

4. Block the card immediately after finding a suspicious transaction

4. Block the card immediately after finding a suspicious transaction

Pay on credit card on time

Do not let yourself panic for long if you find suspicious transactions on credit cards. Block your card as soon as it happens.

You can contact the call center of your card issuing bank or block it via mobile banking. Because blocking is done immediately can minimize the actions of crime that can just continue.

After being blocked, report the incident that you experienced to the bank. Later the bank can take the necessary action.

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5. Cover your credit card CVV number

5. Cover your credit card CVV number

Do you know what CVV number is ? This number is very useful when you shop online for transactions done with the card.

One thing you know is that the Card Verification Value or CVV number cannot be distributed haphazardly. You could say the confidentiality must be maintained as well as maintaining the confidentiality of the PIN.

Why does the CVV need to be carefully guarded? Because the CVV code is used to confirm the transaction. Then this CVV code is useful when you want to do online transactions. Simply entering the CVV code, you are already considered making a payment.

Here is the danger. If the CVV code is known to the perpetrators of crime, you could become a victim of burglary later. That’s why as much as possible cover the CVV code with a little bit of masking tape so that other people don’t get caught.

That was five ways you can do to secure a credit card. Anyway, as long as you remember and do these methods, crime can be minimized to the minimum. 

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